Why 3D printing is vital to success of US manufacturing | FT Film

The FT’s global business columnist Rana Foroohar explores how new additive manufacturing technology can boost innovation and jobs in a de-globalising world, as the pandemic, war in Ukraine, and climate change underline the dangers of relying on fragile global supply chains

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00:00 The future of manufacturing
00:15 “This is not your grandfather’s factory”
02:09 Xometry and the “long tail of the internet”
04:48 Desktop 3D printers
06:19 So what’s the catch?
07:35 MIT: “every object has an incredible story”
10:24 VulcanForms: high-value precision metal components
13:13 3D-printed shoes
14:46 SQ4D: from hip replacements to homes
19:42 The Factory NYC: 3D-printed sculptures
20:44 “I don’t think Michelangelo could fathom a 3D printer”
23:02 Manufacturing is about jobs and wages
26:45 Not everything will be 3D printed
27:12 The world is changing

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