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Aaron Fletcher has been preparing for America to collapse for 15 years. He lives in a homemade cart pulled by sheep and drinks their milk. Aaron does chores around farms, where he lives in exchange for a safe place to stay. He says that homeless people in cities would be better off in the countryside like him. See how a nomadic shepherd believes everyone will have to live in a post-apocalyptic world.

Aaron’s YouTube Channel:

00:00 Meet Aaron Fletcher
00:24 “Every 400 Years Societies Collapse”
01:07 Tour of the sheep wagon
03:11 Farmhanding for food or a place to stay
04:17 How Aaron gets electricity
04:42 Free samples of sheep’s milk ice cream
06:30 Why Aaron moved towns
07:13 Escaping the Almeda fire
08:18 Aaron’s past
09:16 Is Aaron’s lifestyle healthy?
11:16 What’s next for Aaron?


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How A Sheep Wagon Became One Man’s Doomsday Survival Plan | World Wide Waste | Insider Business

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