How A Louisiana Crawfish Company Harvests 60,000 pounds A Day | Big Business | Insider Business

Louisiana produces 90% of the United States crawfish. Most of the farmed crawfish comes from rice fields in one small area of Cajun country. There, the industry is fairly new. In the 1980s, rice farmers experimented with cultivating crawfish in their fields. And it paid off. Today, business is booming, clearing the way for the next generation of farmers like Madison McIntyre. But the industry is also unregulated and fast-moving, trapping producers in an endless fight to keep crawfish alive.

0:00 Intro
1:21 How crawfish are farmed from rice fields
4:26 How crawfish are processed
8:30 The history of crawfish in Louisiana
9:23 How to prepare a Cajun crawfish boil
10:34 The future of Louisiana’s farmed crawfish industry

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How A Louisiana Crawfish Company Harvests 60,000 pounds a day | Big Business | Insider Business

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