Can hydrogen help the world reach net zero? | FT Film

The global push for net zero carbon emissions is one of humanity’s greatest challenges. In this film, the FT’s Simon Mundy explores how hydrogen – the lightest, most abundant element in the universe – could play a crucial role. From southern Spain to Swedish Lapland, we meet those at the forefront of this fast-growing space – all seeking a share of the billions to be made in the emerging hydrogen economy.

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00:00 What is Hydrogen
00:50 Green Hydrogen
02:50 Current uses of hydrogen
04:10 The concerns
05:00 The Hydrogen rainbow
05:51 Emerald Hydrogen
07.35 The investors
10:50 The policymakers
13:40 Green steel
17:35 Cleaning up aviation
22:15 The hydrogen economy of the future

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